Flora Friday featuring thyme!

This week’s Flora Friday post features another herb from my balcony garden, thyme. It’s not a herb I use often, so if it didn’t come in herb planter I bought from Lowe’s, I honestly probably wouldn’t have planted it myself.

Thyme aka Thymus vulgaris

A relative of oregano, this herb is most commonly used for culinary purposes but also has medicinal uses. Used as a fresh or dried herb, it’s added to many dishes for added flavour. An entire fresh stem with potatoes or steak brings an added boost of flavour. When dried, the herb loses some of it’s fragrance, but is a great alternative when the fresh stuff isn’t available.

The great thing about this herb is you can freeze it to prolong it’s shelf life. Something I will most definitely be doing!


How to grow it

Thyme does it’s best in full sun with well-drained soil. Although, it’s known to survive deep freezes, so it makes for a really easy herb to grow.

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