Balcony Garden

Welcome to my balcony garden!

This being our second summer living here, I’m happy to say that I’m finally able to start a balcony garden in the little space I have to work with. We’re fortunate enough to have some outdoor space even though we live in a condo. A small balcony that faces southwest provides the perfect amount of sunlight for a few vegetables and herbs. I wish I could utilize even more of the space available but we enjoy sitting out there too much to dedicate it only to plants.

What am I growing?


For my first attempt at a balcony garden, I started small and easy. I’ve grown herbs in the past, so I knew that it was an easy and mandatory addition to the garden. My favourite part of summer is using fresh herbs to create deliciously fresh and flavourful dishes, so if I’m going to add anything to my already full balcony garden it’s going to be a few extra herbs. At this point, on my balcony garden you will find: mint, basil, curled parsley, rosemary, oregano, and thyme. Really though, I’m just missing some coriander and dill and I would be 100% happy with balcony garden’s selection of herbs.


In addition to herbs, I also wanted to give it a go at growing some vegetables this year. I knew I wanted to grow tomatoes so I started my tomatoes off from seedlings. My first ever attempt, but looks like I’ll have some tomatoes in the weeks to come! I have one planter going from the seedlings I grew myself and also have some patio tomatoes growing in the large herb planter I purchased. I also planted some Kale because it grows like a weed and figured it’s one where I can’t really go wrong. So far, both vegetables are doing splendidly and I’m excited to watch them grow over time.

Unplanned experiment…

I’m some not so good news; I bought some packs of strawberry bulbs and asparagus bulbs but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. They have now turned into experiments.

The packaging said that there were multiple plants, 5 of the strawberry and about 10 of the asparagus. Well, when I opened the packages they were both 2 giant clumps of I don’t even know what. They didn’t resemble bulbs to me so I decided to throw both large clumps into the dirt and just see what happens. There is some teeny tiny, scattered growth starting to appear but I don’t hold much hope to anything coming out of this particular planter. It’s fun to just see what happens and see how resilient some seedlings may be so we’ll have to see if there are any exciting updates in the future.

balcony garden

Next week…

Next week and for the weeks to come, I’m going to take a deeper dive into a one specific plant growing in my balcony garden. Can you guess which one will be featured first?

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